Full Fibre Single Sided A-Frame Ladder - Mundo Ladders

Full Fibre Single Sided A-Frame Ladder

Product Information:

  • Stable & durable double riveted and ant-pinch hinge
  • Slip resistant ladder feet
  • 6 Rivet connection to rail
  • Ideal for heavy industrial use
  • Stable & Safe
  • Rust, Rot & Splinter proof
  • Additional bracing for extra support at the top and bottom
  • Non Conductive of electricity
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Maximum Working Load 170kg
  • Theft is reduced as there is no scrap value on fibre
  • Fibre is weather and water resistant
  • Innovative cap design with multifunctional tool slots & paint can holder
  • Industrial
SKU Range Steps Max Working Load Height Weight
BAFF1004 Heavy Duty 4 170kg 1.2m 6.29kg
BAFF1006 Heavy Duty 6 170kg 1.8m 9.51kg
BAFF1008 Heavy Duty 8 170kg 2.4m 12.73kg
BAFF1010 Heavy Duty 10 170kg 3m 15.95kg
BAFF1012 Heavy Duty 12 170kg 3.6m 19.17kg
BAFF1014 Heavy Duty 14 170kg 4.2m 22.33kg
BAFF1016 Heavy Duty 16 170kg 4.8m 25.61kg

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