Badger Fibreglass Extension Ladder - Mundo Ladders

Badger Fibreglass Extension Ladder

Product Information:

  • Feature ‘D’ shaped rungs
  • Rungs are made from aluminium and are serrated for slip resistance.
  • Rungs are joined to heavy duty aluminium side plated and riveted to the rails with four solid rivets
  • Polyethylene rung wear sleeves separate aluminium from fiberglass to help reduce wear
  • Spring assisted heavy duty nylon badger rung locks
  • Heavy duty mild steel spike feet
  • Heavy-duty free-swinging and self-aligning safety shoe with slip-resistant tread
  • Two sets of high-strength steel guides
  • Type 1A fiberglass extension model bafel
  • These ladders are lightweight yet sturdy
  • Available in 90 channel
  • Rungs can be replaceable
  • Maximum Static Vertical Load Rating MSVL – 170 kg

Extra features:

  • Spike feet
  • Cable roller pole rung
  • Nylon or aluminium locks
  • Side Rope
  • Swivel safety feet
  • V-roller pole rung
SKU Range Max Working Load Open Height Closed Height
BAFEL1057 Heavy Duty 170kg 5.7m 3.3m
BAFEL1063 Heavy Duty 170kg 6.3m 3.6m
BAFEL1076 Heavy Duty 170kg 7.6m 4.2m
BAFEL1087 Heavy Duty 170kg 8.7m 4.8m
BAFEL1096 Heavy Duty 170kg 9.6m 5.4m
BAFEL10111 Heavy Duty 170kg 11.1m 6.3m
BAFEL10123 Heavy Duty 170kg 12.3m 6.6m

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